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Thingy-x2-Airtable was one of my hobby IoT / JavaScript projects. It's based on my previous experiments with Nordic Thingy:52 — an IoT sensor kit from Nordic Semiconductor.

This project is written in JavaScript. It collects input from two Nordic Thingy:52 devices into an Airtable database via Web Bluetooth and an Express server.

My Objectives and Outcome

I started this project because I wanted to advance my JavaScript skills and learn how to interact with Bluetooth devices on the Web. It seemed like a cool little device, so I was curious.

In the course of the project I wanted to do the following:

💡 The skills that I got proved to be useful at work soon after. I built the neonatal resuscitation course prototype with that as a foundation.

What It Does

You start with an Airtable database and two Nordic Thingy:52 devices. You connect the devices via Bluetooth to your browser. When you press the button on the first device or tap on the side of the second device, you get new records appearing in your Airtable database. These records contain information about this button pressing and tapping events: which device it was, what time the event happened, what event it was and so on.

See the repository on GitHub.